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Partnering with Cad Care Aid Foundation & Cad Care Inc USA for Implementing FHIR in the School Health Care Program

Cad Care Aid Foundation is a non profit organisation in association with Cad Care Inc USA, promoting preventive and community health care services across India through ABHM - Ayushman Bharat Health Mission (Govt of India initiative for Digital Health Profile). They are a team of healthcare professionals providing highly customisable and scalable health care solutions and services for a variety of preventive health care and community health care verticals.

The Universal Health Card with QR Code, 32 GB SD Memory Chip & NFC capability is a smart feature that would allow quick access to a student's health profile, and the inclusion of Annual Disease Statistical Reports could be very useful in tracking the prevalence and spread of illnesses within the school population.

The integration of a Data Analysis Dashboard for Disaster Aid Management seems particularly important in the current era where epidemics and pandemics can severely affect communities.

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), developed by Health Level Seven International (HL7), is a powerful standard for healthcare data exchange. It offers an opportunity to improve data management and interoperability in our School Health Care Program. We partnered with a technology provider like Cad Care, a leader in health data interoperability, to implement FHIR.

  1. Implementation and Integration
  2. Effective Data Management
  3. Ensuring Security and Compliance
  4. Interoperability
  5. Enhanced Data Analysis and Support

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A joint initiative of Ministry of Health & Family welfare & Ministry of Human resources with association of Cad care Aid Foundition

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