Ayushman Bharat Health Mission

Vikas The Concept School

School Health Care Program

Prioritising Health and Well-Being

Ministry of Human
Resource Development
Government of India

Ministry of Health
and Family Welfare
Government of India

Benefits to Parents

1. Informed Decision-Making: The annual health reports provide an invaluable resource for parents to stay informed about their child's health, helping them make more knowledgeable decisions about lifestyle choices and health- related issues. This is especially beneficial in today's world, where the abundant health information can be overwhelming and often conflicting.

2. Time and Cost Savings: By providing these comprehensive health services within the school premises, we save parents the logistical hassle and financial burden of arranging multiple appointments. Additionally, the program's focus on early detection and prevention reduces future healthcare costs associated with treating advanced health conditions.

3. Partnership in Child's Health: By involving parents in their child's health journey, we encourage a collaborative approach that leads to better health outcomes for the child. This partnership allows for more effective communication and shared decision-making, fostering a team-based approach to the child's health.

4. Long-Term Health Benefits for Their Children: Our program's emphasis on developing healthy habits, providing comprehensive health education, and mental health support sets the foundation for the child's lifelong health and well-being. As the incidence of chronic diseases rises globally, instilling these healthy habits from a young age has never been more critical.

5. Peace of Mind: Knowing that their child's physical and mental health is being consistently monitored and managed professionally within the school environment, parents can have greater peace of mind. This becomes increasingly valuable in the current climate, where health concerns are at the forefront of everyone's mind.

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A joint initiative of Ministry of Health & Family welfare & Ministry of Human resources with association of Cad care Aid Foundition

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