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School Health Care Program

Prioritising Health and Well-Being

Ministry of Human
Resource Development
Government of India

Ministry of Health
and Family Welfare
Government of India

Financial Overview and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Financial Overview and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Implementing the School Health Care Program entails significant investment.
However, the long-term benefits of this program underscore its importance:

1. Cost Savings: Early detection and prevention of health issues will minimize expensive medical treatments in the future.

2. Enhanced Academic Achievement: Healthier students exhibit better focus, attendance, and academic performance.

3. Preventive Education: Promoting healthy habits from a young age reduces the risk of chronic diseases later in life, saving future healthcare costs.

4. Lifelong Healthy Habits: The program aims to instill sustainable healthy habits in students that will benefit them throughout their lives, further reducing long-term healthcare costs.

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A joint initiative of Ministry of Health & Family welfare & Ministry of Human resources with association of Cad care Aid Foundition

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