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Vikas The Stage , a unique Competition is organised by Vikas The Concept School focuses on motivating the student to think outside the box, explore their interests by enhancing the social and analytical skills in the best and effective manner by giving edge to their thinking.


Career Education Preparing Students for the Future Workforce
Introduction: We live in an era where everything moves at breakneck speed. The rapid advancements in technology and globalization have transformed the world into a highly competitive arena. Today’s generation is constantly racing against time, […]
Color Coding Your Notes Enhancing Memory and Recall
In the fast-paced world of learning and information overload, finding efficient ways to retain and recall information is crucial. One of the most effective and user-friendly methods is color-coding your notes. This technique isn’t just […]
Vikas The Concept School's Roadmap for Future Educational Innovation
The Significance of Choosing the Right School: In today’s rapidly evolving and fiercely competitive landscape, the importance of selecting the appropriate school cannot be emphasized enough. For both parents and children, the decision regarding where […]


maanya rao
Surviving through the battlefield; day and night, It’s like our lives never really mattered to anyone If only
aadya jha
Sharpening our swords and readying for battle Marching onwards while our rifles rattle Might I live or might I die
I am a soldier dedicate my life to the country







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