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5 Reasons Why Competency-Based Education is Better for Children

You’ve heard the phrase “competency-based education” being tossed about quite a bit. But what exactly is competency-based education and what are the reasons why it is better for children? This is what we’ll explore in this article…

Competency-based education (CBE) is a set of skills, abilities, and knowledge that helps students to perform tasks individually. It allows students to advance based on their ability to master a skill or competency at their own pace, regardless of the environment. This method is tailored in such a way that it takes into account different learning abilities and leads to more efficient student outcomes.

CBE focuses on what students actually learn and not on the mere completion of credits or subjects. CBE allows students to progress through learning objectives as they demonstrate mastery of content at their own pace. It allows them to show what they know as soon as they know it.

Competency-based education is quite different from traditional education in several ways. In CBE, the curriculum provides students with a variable class structure with subject matter at different levels. In traditional education, the curriculum provides all students with a standardized class structure, regardless of prior knowledge.

Again, where class completion is concerned, in CBE, students finish the class when they are able, where as in traditional education, all students finish the class at the end of term. Also, the average time to graduate in competency-based education is only 30 months, as opposed to 60 months in traditional education.

There are certain reasons why competency-based education is better for children. Here are 5 of the benefits of competency-based education…

  1. Competency-based education is self-paced: CBE focuses on the outcome and not on the journey. This means that CBE allows students to control their own pacing and they are not confined to a rigid learning process and structure. As soon as a student feels that they have mastered the learning material, they can opt for a formal assessment and can move ahead with the next set of learning materials. Students can move as fast or as slow as they wish and can complete their education and their class as and when they are ready.
  2. Competency-based education is flexible: CBE is very flexible, as the structure depends on the individual learner. There is no rigid schedule in these programs, which means that students can guide their learning. Students can also control where and when they complete projects and assessments. CBE is also flexible in that students can enter a program at any level, after being given credits for previous learning and experience.
  3. Competency-based education is engaging: One of the best outcomes of CBE is increased and improved student engagement. Students are more engaged in the learning material because they have ownership over their learning. They also have control over where, when, and how they learn. CBE promotes individualized learning and accommodates a variety of learning styles. This makes it a truly personalized experience and increases engagement. This is because content is tailored to the needs of each student and is more relevant.
  4. Competency-based education is skills-based: CBE focuses on learning that helps students master real-world skills and competency development. Subjects are designed around a certain competency, thereby ensuring that the learning material is relevant. Students who have undergone CBE, graduate with a set of skills that help them take on the world and do well in the external competitive environment.
  5. Competency-based education is affordable: While the cost of the CBE program varies, it increases learning and lowers the cost of education. Also, since many CBE programs are offered online, operating costs are eliminated, resulting in affordable tuition fees.

Competency-based education and learning is the new mantra in education. However, while it can benefit students immensely, it is not suitable for all students. Students need to be self-directed learners in order to take advantage of and benefit from CBE.

Also, if the school offers CBE, the role of teachers and educators also changes and transforms. Teachers help set the desired learning outcomes in their areas of expertise. They also create engaging learning materials, create absorbing learning experiences, and provide targeted support for students.

Adopting a CBE approach can result in great benefits for schools. There will be increased student satisfaction with the learning programs and overall higher enrolment and graduation rates. Also, schools that adopt competency-based learning can attract a large number of students who are looking for flexibility in their studies and learning.

Competency-based learning is student-centered education. However, making the transition to this type of learning can be challenging for schools, teachers, and administrators. However, the advantages that come along with CBE are particularly alluring.

At Vikas, The Concept School, we believe that each student is unique and hence, have provided competency-based education and learning for all our students. We work with each student and chart out a learning plan and program for them, thereby educating them for global competence. Our teachers serve not only as knowledge-facilitators, but also as guides and mentors. This approach has led to improved learning, higher graduation rates, and increased performance. So, if you are looking for an education that is holistic, well-grounded in pedagogy, and tailored to each students, look no further than Vikas, The Concept School.

Vikas, a K-12 institution has been a pioneer in delivering holistic education with a blend of academic and cultural activities within a technologically and globally connected environment, over the last 3 decades. Vikas is honoured with various International and National awards from the British Council, Brainfeed and other reputed organizations in the areas of excellence and performance. Vikas has given this nation more than 1 Lakh Engineers and 10000+ Doctors. To foster 21st Century Skills, Vikas established the ATL Labs, Robotics Lab, Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship Courses.


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