Curriculum :

VIKAS-The Concept School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. VIKAS-The Concept School, seeks to provide an environment that is student-friendly and interactive. It endeavours to ensure an atmosphere of free thought and expression and goes beyond the constraints of the lessons and the text books.
VIKAS has developed a way of effectively integrating the spirit of different curriculum bodies and to provide holistic education, transcending the four walls of the classroom. Emphasis is placed on the development of skills, competencies and knowledge in a balanced and effective manner so that the students will be empowered to function in society as intelligent, responsible individuals.
VIKAS has a curriculum that incorporates academic, emotional, aesthetic and social intelligence. It ensures the paramount requirement of developing the student’s abilities of comprehension and expression, rather than mandatory completion of syllabus.

Methodology :

Education at VIKAS is a fresh diversion from syllabus-based examination oriented system to a child-centered, concept oriented one. Accordingly the curriculum of the school is the assimilation of the best information from the publications available for Primary and Middle Schools. In brief, VIKAS has evolved a unique syllabi which are arranged in preferential order to cater to the academic challenges the child would face while giving the School Leaving Examination. This is to ensure that each child is made to grasp the highest amount of content presented in the best possible manner irrespective of the publication.
Vikas has adopted the latest advancements in Electronic and Information Technology, which would benefit the student community. It has partnered with a leading educational consultancy in the country to provide an advanced learning ambience through high-end animations that make complicated topics easy to grasp and retain. Every classroom is provided with a huge LCD Panel and a dedicated e-learning server, which is a storehouse of vast resource of notes and study material on each topic in an animated format. The e-based classrooms give teachers the advantage of giving students a demonstrative coaching. The students can therefore pay attention to the lectures delivered and understand the same, rather than taking notes during the lecture. In other words it is optimum utilization of teaching time and driving home the point clearly.